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iphone to android devices

Time is tight, your team is focused on the next great app, and you need to get an Android version out the door as soon as possible. We understand! Apportable can help you deploy your iOS game on Android, dramatically expanding your user base. Our expert team will usher the game through every step of the process, from an initial demo all the way through release and Google Play support.

The results speak for themselves: apps powered by Apportable have risen to the top of the charts and delighted millions of users through the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps, and the Humble Android Bundle.

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Reach millions of Android users.

Fragmentation? Not your problem. Our platform is constantly being tested by new games, new devices, and OS updates. Your app will reap the benefits of this constant QA cycle, and hit the widest span of the Android market. Additionally, we'll run your app through a professional QA pass on a huge range of devices!


Fully optimized to feel at home on Android

We bake in performance optimizations for the latest devices and firmware updates, and Android-specific functionality such as "Lights Out" mode, hardware specific buttons, and more. We also integrate features like multiplayer, leaderboards, and achievements using Google Play Game Services or Amazon GameCircle! Plus, if your game is lucky enough to be considered for a feature on Google Play, we'll work directly with the Google editorial board to tune your game and listing into tip-top shape.


Market Management

Handling Android's multiple markets can be a hassle. We've got expertise with all of them, and we're excited to get your app showcased on them all! We'll handle the market-specific packaging, reformat your listing to fit their constraints and features, handle ratings, and even all the updates!


Ongoing Support and Updates

Reputation is everything for mobile games, so delighting your customers is our top priority. We'll monitor and respond to your store listings and support emails, and turn their feedback into priority updates.


Simplify Development

With Apportable, the end product is your existing codebase, running beautifully on both iOS and Android. No need for a separate team, or multiple codebases, making future updates and enhancements simple. Android users love seeing new updates just as much as their iOS friends!